Monday, March 28, 2011

A Few Favorites...

I have a few new favorites from this past week that I want to share with you... I stopped at Trader Joe's on Thursday to pick up some strawberries for Cameron, who was literally in tears at breakfast that morning because the few strawberries we had had gone bad. Upon walking in, I saw these gorgous basil plants. I've had a few basil plants in my day; usually the kind from the grocery store that come with the sponge on the roots that you just put in a jar. Never a real plant in dirt. ;) I saw these, assuming they'd be $10 or so (considering the above mentioned grocery store version is usually $3.99). I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that it was only $2.99!! I picked one up, and have enjoyed looking at it and smelling it for the past few days. I'll pick and use some basil soon! parents and sister gave me a Kindle for my birthday, and I'm in love. It's so light, syncs automatically with the Kindle app on my phone and computer, and has been a great addition to my 'library'. {via} While grabbing a few things for work at the beauty supply store this week, I grabbed a new nail polish, Essie's Chinchilly. It's a great neutral, different than the typical pale pink I've been wearing. It's a nice change. Essie polishes are great in that they go on nicely, with good coverage with just two coats. {via} Oh, and one other favorite....we're leaving for Arizona on Wednesday for a little over a week in the sun. I'm soooo excited and can't wait for a relaxing, warm, sunny week! Hope you all have a great week as well!

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