Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Colors

I have to start off by saying that I LOVE nail polish. I love choosing colors...nearly every time I go to the beauty supply store for work, I pick up a new bottle. I don't actually polish my nails all that often, because of the amount of time it takes to dry (and I'm way too impatient to sit still). But I have to tell you, I went in the supply store this week to pick up a few things for the salon, and they had all the Fall colors I had to grab a few. ;)

I've been on the search for a great 'Husky' purple, and have had a hard time finding one. This week, I picked up two shades of purple. One is a little to pale to be a true UW purple, and the other is a little bright, but I purchased both and am excited to wear them next time we tailgate!

Here's the polish that I think is a little too pale, OPI's Purple With A Purpose
And the 'bright' polish, Essie's Sexy Divide
I also picked up a really dark color that I can't wait to try, OPI's Light My Sapphire, which is a great graphite grey that I can't wait to try

And the polish I just put on tonight, which is a great fall color, OPI's My Private Jet. It doesn't look quite so fancy and sparkly on my opinion, this photo makes it look more like a 'special event' color than a daily wear, but I really think it can be a daily polish.

What's your favorite color this fall? Can't wait to hear!

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